Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Walker Ross Fairbourn

Hello world.... Meet Walker! I love this little guy. Some of the pictures are when he was in the NICU. Isn't he so sweet!

Monday, May 18, 2009


Bob went to the bathroom at church yesterday and there was a little 10 year old boy in the bathroom with him. (Stop thinking something inappropriate was happening and just keep reading!) This is a transcript of their converstation.

Boy: Can I ask you something?
Bob (hesitantly): Ohh kay
Boy: How long is church?
Bob: 3 hours
Time passes....
Boy: Have you ever been to Hollywood?
Bob: No
Boy: Well, if you can make it in Hollywood.... you can make it anywhere!

So people, take comfort... Hollywood is all it takes!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Jon and Kate Plus Ate My Heart

Last summer Jon & Kate Plus Eight stole my heart. I loved trying to figure out which sextuplet was which. Let's see, there was Hannah, Aiden, oh, I can't remember, but those two were my favorites. I think Cara was the older twin and she was a brat.
Anyway, the recent rumors floating around about them have broken my heart. I remember watching Jon and thinking, He's the perfect dad! and I want my husband to be just like him. And now I think, what the heck is Jon thinking! It doesn't matter that his wife was a control, OCDed freak. That does not recuse him from his fatherly duties. He had a beautiful, smart, funny woman at home who was responsible and took care of the family. I'm sure she was just expecting him to pull his weight. I'm so glad to know that my husband would never step out on me, especially with an ugly, 24 year old school teacher. I mean really Jon. At least find someone pretty or rich if you're gonna cheat!

What has happened to the sacred role of being a father? When did it become okay to be a bad example and a deadbeat? I think men and women should be held criminally responsible for not teaching their children how to be decent. That would really help the decline of divorce, negligence, and stupidity I think!

Secrets of Life

Ignore the score,

Don't stir the pot,

Be a duck!!!

If you want an explaination of these things, let me know. But I bet if you think hard enough, you'll figure it out!

Raa Raa Ree, kick 'em in the Knee, Raa Raa Rass,

Kick 'em in the other knee.

What were you thinking! Well, just thought I'd update the blogging world on our crazy life. And then I kinda want to do what Kelly and Libby Brossette do and just blog about little things. I think the smaller the blog, the more likely people will read.

I just agreed to be the Cheerleading sponsor (hence the title of this blog) for the junior high I teach at. (Don't end your sentences with a preposition, I know... Be quiet) And I still will coach the basketball team, but decided to just be the assistant. This is a big step down for me, but I think it is the best decision. I will miss standing up, yelling at the girls, kicking the waterbottles, giving the pep talks, but I think this way, I won't start going gray sooner!

Bobby is on TWO softball teams that play on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Last night was a 10:00 pm game and they lost 11-31. It was a sad day for their team, but fingers crossed his Valley Vu team wins tonight. (I should probably cross a couple of toes for good measure. They're team really sucks!)

We are going to St. George/Vegas for Memorial Day weekend and to celebrate my dad's birthday, and then just a couple of short weeks (well long, because I have to teach for 2 of them) we are heading to Hawaii for sun, swimming, relaxing, golfing (Bobby), tennis and tanning! I am so excited. I've already got books picked out to read. I'll get some pictures for sure!

Whoever said the first year of marriage was the hardest! I am having the best time. I'm the happiest I've ever been in my life, thanks to my wonderful husband!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Box and Whisker Plots

When, someone please tell me, when will you ever have to use a box and whisker plot in your life???? Why do I have to teach these poor kids such stupid, senseless concepts? It is such a headache. WOOF! Here's an example of what one is, in case you don't remember from 8th grade. Because I'm fairly certain you haven't looked at one since! Dumb!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A month of Bliss!!!!

It's almost been a month since Bobby and I've been married, and what a wonderful month its been! Thought I'd illustrate by putting up some pictures. (Finally Amy is saying!)

Bobby and I love going to the Jazz games together! Especially when we have loads of drunk dudes surrounding us. In fact one night.... this dude was totally toasted. I mean dancing, singing, jumping, cussing! It was hilarious. Well we sit at the very top of the upper bowl, meaning right in front of us is the balcony so we can look over and see the rich people enjoying the game up close. Memhet Okur had just shot another awesome 3 pointer and we were all going crazy. Well, the loaded fellow, (on his 5th beer, but he'd shown UP to the game wasted already), goes to clap his hand, but somehow, and this is a mystery to me, DUH! forgets he is holding his full, frothy cup of Bud Light. Yup, he knocks it out of his hands and it lands, beer, cup, froth and all on the muckity-mucks sitting below us. We were all cracking up and no one dared to look over. They didn't want to be blamed. (I think Bobby was just scared of how high up we were.) Good times, drunk stories!

Since we couldn't all go to Mardi Gras, we brought Mardi Gras to us. Everyone, EVERYONE made a mask. Bobby wrote on his mask... Well I won't say. I wrote on mine "We're Busy!" Elle had "Throw me something mister!" She's a little young for that, but my dad didn't mind lifting his shirt. RULES! Melanie made the best red beans and rice, you'd slap yo mamma, it was good. And we even had a beautiful King Cake made by Melanie! Avery got the baby!

I love my nephew Cooper! He's my favorite little man.

Like father like son! Get that stupid thing out of your ear, Brother!

See, even Coop thinks so. He's saying, Pulease Dad!

Mandy and her boyfriend, JJ, went to the sweetheart dance together. She was beautiful. She looked like Belle!

My niece Paityn is such a doll. Look at those blue, blue eyes.

....And introducing my new niece Allison Palmer. She was born on President's day. Isn't she beautiful. I'm so in love with her. When I married Bobby I inherited a whole herd of nieces and nephews. I'm so lucky. It's good to be an aunt!

What a beauty. Look at those cheeks!

Paiytn and Elle both love Bobby more than me now... :( Everytime I walk in the room, Elle says, "Bob? Bob? Bob?" It makes me so mad!!
I had more pictures I wanted to post, but I'm just learning this stupid blog stuff, so it messes up everything when I try to add more pictures. So this will have to do. I love my family!